The amount of time you invest in something tells us how important it is to you.

For a lot of us, we’re spending more time on our screens than in our work. We keep choosing time on our phones over building our skills.

I get it. Screentime makes us feel…

One bad choice isn’t going to derail your pursuits, so why are you letting it?

One bad day isn’t going to derail everything you’ve worked for, just like one bad choice isn’t going to disrupt everything you wanted to achieve.

Say you picked pizza over a grilled chicken salad for…

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. So what are you doing today to make sure your game is ready when your opportunity arrives?

ou don’t have to get ready if you stay ready, but what does that look like for us? …

The less you have to think about, the faster you can play.

Sports’ coaches understand that the more simplified they can teach their complex systems, the better their players can perform. …

It’s hard to stay consistent these days.

There are a million distractions every single day. Life seems to change every other week since the covid-19 pandemic started. Work from home (WFH) has replaced our morning commute.

Gyms. Restaurants. Life, in a lot of places, has seemed to close down.


The long road is the best way.

Too often we waste valuable time and energy looking for the shortcut.

  • What’s the quick hack (pill or plan) to losing this weight?
  • What’s the fastest route (this new business) to getting rich?
  • What’s the shortest path to being mentally strong?

We’re all…

One of the challenges I had with social media is the balance between learning from those who have succeeded in specific areas while trying not to envy them.

Social media is an incredible tool to use for learning. You can study how someone posts, how they use it to communicate…

Quit worrying about tomorrow.

We most often lose our motivation to keep going for one of three reasons:

  • We start focusing on how far we have left to go.
  • We realize that what we’re doing is far more difficult than we anticipated.
  • We encounter failure or a setback.

Those three…

You give more support to what you give more sweat in creating.

Early in my career I struggled to understand why certain members of my team weren’t as passionate about my work as I was. I believed in a bigger purpose and how we were trying to help.

To them…

“Either run the day or the day runs you.”

Jim Rohn

Life comes at you fast as a leader. It can feel that our role many days is to be the company firefighter, constantly running around trying to put out fires that others started. We hit the ground running as…

Jake Thompson

Chief Encouragement Officer for @CompeteEveryDay | Keynote Speaker | I teach people how to #Compete so they can win their work, workouts, & life.

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