The amount of time you invest in something tells us how important it is to you.

For a lot of us, we’re spending more time on our screens than in our work. We keep choosing time on our phones over building our skills.

I get it. Screentime makes us feel…

The long road is the best way.

Too often we waste valuable time and energy looking for the shortcut.

  • What’s the quick hack (pill or plan) to losing this weight?
  • What’s the fastest route (this new business) to getting rich?
  • What’s the shortest path to being mentally strong?

We’re all…

Quit worrying about tomorrow.

We most often lose our motivation to keep going for one of three reasons:

  • We start focusing on how far we have left to go.
  • We realize that what we’re doing is far more difficult than we anticipated.
  • We encounter failure or a setback.

Those three…

You give more support to what you give more sweat in creating.

Early in my career I struggled to understand why certain members of my team weren’t as passionate about my work as I was. I believed in a bigger purpose and how we were trying to help.

To them…

Jake Thompson

Chief Encouragement Officer for @CompeteEveryDay | Keynote Speaker | I teach people how to #Compete so they can win their work, workouts, & life.

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