The Formula for Reaching Your Potential

What do I actually need to do to reach my full potential?

That’s the question I was asked recently after one of my virtual presentations.

It’s not a simple formula I told her. The difficulty is in executing the formula every day .

Full Potential = Intense Effort + Hard Work + Consistency

You reach your full potential in life by:

Giving Intense Effort

“End on empty” as I like to say. Do you give your best effort on the tasks you want to do as well as the ones you don’t? Do you mail it in at work when you’re not the team leader or do you contribute as much as you can?

It’s easy to let our circumstances dictate our effort, but that’s not a Champion’s way. Give everything you’ve got, every chance you’ve got.

Doing the Hard Work

Easy doesn’t make you proud. The easy road is the one of complacency, comfort zones, & missed opportunities. There’s no risk of failure because there’s no risk of meaningful victory. This is the path taken by most people.

Commit to doing the hard work. Commit to betting on yourself, even if it means you might (temporarily) fail. Commit to taking on challenges, understanding the perspective showing that said challenges make you smarter, stronger, & better in the big picture.

Take on that new project from your boss. Step up to have that relationship-saving tough conversation. Commit to seeing a 30 (or 75!) day challenge all the way through. Avoid the easy now to enjoy what you become later.

Practicing Consistency

Can you show up every single day, even when you don’t feel like it? That’s consistency. No one bats 100% in life, but Champions never let one bad day turn into two. Consistency is making the right choices and letting those choices stack one ontop of another (compound interest, y’all).

We don’t always see the progress during, but give it enough days of stacking solid choices ontop of each other, and you can’t miss the results.

Reaching our full potential isn’t the result of a diet pill, online course, or singular moment.

It’s the result of the consistent, hard work accomplished to the best of our ability over a long period of time.

But for the record, don’t stress about next year, next month, or even next week in regards to your potential just yet.

Simply focus on how you’re going to give your best effort, do the hard work, and be consistent today .

You can worry about stacking tomorrow ontop of today after you’ve won today.

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